Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Damp, dark days...

The cold virus continues, although I did get a straight five hours kip last night, which has improved things a little. Oooh I do so dislike these dark, damp days. Miserable aren't they?

I was looking through my photographs this morning trying to choose a photograph to brighten up my blog. As nothing has changed very dramatically from yesterday there really is nothing to photograph and I'm just a tad bored. I could photograph a bag full of seeds and onion sets that hubby picked up on Sunday, but best not, I can hear the yawns from here.

When I came across this photograph, which is my absolute favorite. Its taken five years ago, so boy no.1 who is sitting down would have been just 13 and boy no.2 who is looking for pebbles for the dam they are repairing is 10 1/2. I love the atmosphere of this picture, a lovely lazy sunny afternoon. Sadly this place no longer exists, a very expensive golf course was created and it was deemed necessary to build a bridge over it. :(

Monday, 26 November 2007

Is there a doctor in the house?

These are my new found best friends. Orange juice with lemonade, tea and paracetamol. Yes dear friends I have yet another cold and this one's a good 'un. I even have painful glands under my arms, which I haven't had for many a long year, I sometimes squeak because it hurts when I move.

There are some good things to having a cold. One which I must tell you, which made me deliriously happy, or was that just the fever last night.. Is that in the middle of the night I was wide awake feeling quite unwell and I heard a pair of tawny owls calling for a good half an hour. They sound so hauntingly beautiful, its one of my great joys in life to hear them call.

Other good things, I finished a pair of fetchings. Not sure about this colourway, but as these are for the plot, it doesn't really matter.

This is something pretty to keep me company. My wildflower socks are starting to take shape, albeit slowly, but thats okay.

I completely stripped our bed this morning as it was soaking wet from last nights fever. Thinking or rather cheating... that I would wash and then tumble dry to within an inch of the bed linen's life and pop back on. (My mother has to air clothes/bedclothes for days on end..) Talk about best laid plans of mice and men, the washing machine broke... so I have sodden bed clothes hanging on the line and I will have to search out a fresh lot for tonight, which really wasn't the plan.

So I think I will go back to laying on the sofa until son no.1 comes home and he can help me make my bed.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Shifty, definitely shifty.

A fine pair of shifty looking characters :)

We enjoyed the Christmas light switching on ceremony last night. Its a nice little event in Kenilworth which many people turn out for. Warwick Road is closed and stalls and entertainment are set out for the evening. There was a fantastic performer playing with fire. Not a very good piccie but it gives you the idea.

Whenever I see an entertainer playing with fire, I automatically launch into, whether its in my head or even outloud, Fire by Arthur Brown. A one hit wonder in the sixties, it IS one of the true greats. So for your pleasure and mine.... :)


Arthur Brown aside, hubby would have stayed in a continuous loop for the freebie mulled wine/irish coffee so generously provided by Penman's solicitors. I can vouch for the irish coffee, they (note the plural) were yummy. As a taxi was pre-booked we both got into the 'spirit' of the occasion.

It was a very nice evening, time spent with both boys, which was finished off perfectly with a delicious spag bol which hubby had cooked before we went out.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

My Elfin hat turned into a rather lovely Santa's hat. With hidden talents......

See the video.

Some people might call me a mad woman, I think I would tend to agree with them!! :)

Just for those that are interested I used Mission Falls in Poppy.

Friday, 16 November 2007


Look, pooling :( I so wanted this yarn not to pool. I had hoped (its that h word again!) that once I started to knit the flowers that the pooling would stop, but it hasn't. I really wanted wildflowers springing up on a background of a summer meadow (if rather a pink one!), not looking like they were planted in concrete troughs.

One thing I have learn't in life is that you have to live with what you've got and I know that I'm not going to make a bag or a scarf out of this yarn. I know it will end up as socks and that it will pool. I also know that Mum is not as critical as I and all she will see is a warm pair of comfy socks to toast her tootsies in. On a positive note, I mastered the "wildflower stitch", it took me a while, but I managed it in the end. :)

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Stash raiding.

I've been raiding my stash this afternoon and found this. It is Emily from Posh Yarn, its colour name is Hoyden. I've had it ages. Today, it was calling to me. So then to choose a pattern, because Emily is not very long, so you have to be careful and then there is my inexperience as well, so it has to be relatively simple.

I thought this pattern was lovely and would suit it completely.

Wildflower Socks

The slight worry is that the pattern calls for 2.25mm needles, yet the wool needs 2.75mm. So I'm going to try 2.5mm. They are for my mum, (thats if I can tear myself away from them) I knitted my mum a pair of socks earlier in the year and used a 60 stitches to 2.5mm ratio and they fitted very nicely. So hopefully, (I do alot of that!... hoping) they should fit well, if the materials not too stiff and you can't bend your ankle when your walking in them.

So I'm just waiting for a person to walk through the door, any person, as long as they have two arms :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Wake up Cat

Click Here

Wow, my first hyperlink. :)

Monday, 12 November 2007

Shake, Rattle and Roll.

Charlie rather enjoyed his adventure down to the Happy Fields today, aka the Abbey Fields. (before my boys understood it was the Abbey Fields, they always called it the Happy Fields, its kinda stuck) Many picnics have been partook, many afternoons whiled away whilst my boys paddled in the brook. We always went for the day, twice a week in high summer, rucksacks would be packed (we had one each) and off we would march, only to return early evening with two very tired little boys for a quick supper, bath and bed.

Charlie and I haven't ventured very far since late June, for reasons which some of you will understand, so this was our first adventure for a while, accompanied by my elfin hat. What I really do like about the winter is that this beautiful park is deserted and therefore becomes ours, all ours.. especially on a Monday.

Such beautiful swans,

Such hungry ducks, the birds quickly demolished the loaf of bread I had taken to feed them.

I love this picture, to see Kenilworth Castle quite clearly from the Abbey Fields is wonderful.

A photo from the top of the hill...

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Life has gone on.

Its been a sad weekend, as you might imagine from my previous post. Contacting friends with such news is not very pleasant.

Bizzarly my left kidney became very painful on Saturday and has remained so most of Sunday. I gave up in the end at about 5 p.m. and took some ibuprofen and that seems to have calmed things down a bit. It has stopped me in my tracks though and what was meant to be a good dig at the allotment, turned out to be a ten minute visit, during which pitiful cries of, "I don't think I can do any digging" and "its getting worse, I feel really quite ill" before hubby bundled me back into the car and took me back to a nice, warm home.

I promise (she says through gritted teeth) that I will see someone if it continues. (she who does so hate going to the docs)

However, I did manage to photograph these little treasures to be..

Carie,.... remember perspective... :)

Personally, I am very excited about this. These are very tiny cauliflowers. We had a disaster with our summer cauliflowers. I had grown them from seed, nurtured them, watered them, fed them, they were very well loved cauliflowers. Just as they were nearing perfection, (although a bit small) I suggested to hubby, that we should pick them as I had a vision of jars of my home made sweet picalilli lined up for Christmas, which hubby adores. And hubby said "no ... leave them for a week..." and then... you may remember.... It rained and rained and rained and we just couldn't get onto the plot and when we did, two whole rows of beautiful cauliflowers had 'blown' (that means got too big and had flowered and were going to seed) and were going rotten because everything was so wet and they ALL ended up on the compost heap. These lovely little curds are only ping pong sized at the moment, but they do look very nice.

And the other exciting news is....

Some of our sprouts are developing, so we may get sprouts very soon and hopefully have some left for Christmas day. These are called Union and were given to us as tiny seedlings by an old boy three plots down. They are doing really well, the type I grew, Evesham, most of them haven't firmed up into tiny button type shapes and have remained open like a flower, so no sprouts for us from that variety, although the chickens will love having a couple of stalks hanging in their chicken run to feast on.

Knitting news..

I'm nearly up to the arm holes for hubbys Cobblestone jumper. I think (with a bit of help) I can understand the pattern for the arms, but I have no idea what the pattern means on the yoke. I'm taking each stitch as it comes.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Bad news again.

I've just received a phone call to say another friend has died. In my social circle its been rather a bad couple of years for losing friends. This is the fourth friend this year. We are not sure what happened to Pete yet, the last time I spoke to Pete, I'd missed seeing him on his last flying visit home in the summer and had promised him a steak dinner next time he was around, he'd joked about eating the biggest fillet steak he could find, along with a bottle or two of Chateau Latour. Bless.

Pete had everything to look forward to, he had found a lovely lady friend, was planning marriage and by all accounts was a very happy bunny. He told me during our telephone conversation that he had been a poorly boy with a kidney infection and had been in hospital for a week, but was recovering, I can only imagine that there was more to this than met the eye.

I feel very upset that I didn't see him and his lady friend in the summer, I was at that time very upset about losing my hair and just felt unable to socialise very much. Pete had understand that and was very supportive to me both on the phone and through emails. If only I'd known.

Another friend who will be sadly missed.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Charlie is feeling a litle better and knitting news.

Poor old Charlie had a little setback yesterday when he had a sneaky nibble of his wound, making it twice as bad. I had hoped not to have to use the lampshade contraption on him, but it was duly rescued from the attic and placed upon him. He knew, those brown soulful eyes looked so sad as hubby and I were threading his collar through the loops. Today its all looking much better so it was the right decision.

Onto knitting,

This is hubbys Cobblestone jumper.

Its coming along, I'm not sure if I should have made it a needle size down to make it denser. I really don't know what is the best thing to do with jumpers (or any knitting come to that) so I'm just going to plod on this time and if its a bit drapy at the end, it will still be lovely. I wouldn't want it to be uncomfortable for hubby if the material became too stiff.

This is my Irish Hiking Scarf.

I think its turned out quite nicely, It has more dark reds than purples in natural light. I haven't blocked it yet. I was going to, then I wore it to coffee with Mum and Dad and basically its been worn since. I added beads to ten rows at each end after knitting, I just thought a bit of sparkle in the middle of winter always cheers things up a little.

In this piccie you can pic out the reds more and if I'd had my wits about me, I would have whipped it off and taken piccies of it in natural light.

I didn't go to Tuesday knitting as I spent time with my beautiful son as he's been working extremely hard for the last couple of weeks and I've barely seen him.

Adorable isn't he. :)

Monday, 5 November 2007

Latest newsflash.

Charlie is feeling very sorry for himself. Bless. The vet confirmed it was wet excema and gave him two injections, one for his poorly tummy and one antibiotic. A course of Zantac 75, ... (okay...!!) for his poorly tummy, a course of antibiotics and some corticosteroid cream to apply twice a day. I'm sure he will be fine :)

Charlie is a poorly boy.

Just as I was going to bed last night, I noticed Charlie's coat on his back looked a little bit strange. I suppose I should introduce Charlie. He is the most loved and spoilt Golden Retriever 'in the world' and even he would agree with that, although he might say that there was a Golden Retriever down in Timbuktu that had just had an extra cuddle and really to redress the balance he might need a cuddle or two more.

Charlie had been poorly sick earlier, but I had just put that down to him being a pig. The dogs had some left over veggies after Sunday lunch and Charlie does like to make sure he gets his fair share. On closer examination of his coat it became evident that Charlie had wet excema, otherwise known as Acute Moist Dermatitis. He has had it before many years ago. So at getting on for 1 a.m., I'm clipping the area around the wound, applying iodine solution and clearing up more dog sick. He was sick three more times! On reading my trusty Dog Veterinary Handbook, I find that many dogs need sedating or anesthetising for any initial treatment as its simply so painful. Charlie completely trusts me and stands still whilst I attend to his wound as gently as I can. I can see it is painful, but he knows I'm just trying to help. The trouble with this condition is you never see how bad things have got until you have clipped the hair from the area. Fortunately its only a two inch square that is affected. Then at 5.30 a.m. an eighty pound Golden Retriever lands upon my bed, waking me up with a thud, yet at the same time nearly knocking me unconscious! because A) he's had a very bad night and really needs a cuddle and B) There is a fly in the room!

He's settled at my feet now, fast asleep of course, whilst I wait for the clock to tick around until such time that I can ring the vets to make an appointment, as he will need a course of antibiotics to clear this up.

This, we suspect might be the culprit. As often this skin condition just starts with a nick or a scratch and Pip has been known to play just a little bit rough.

And this is a lovely puppy picture of him and our two other dogs who are rather old ladies now.

And this piccie just because its mostly ladies of a certain age that read my blog.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Normality, (whatever that is!) restored.

I woke up today, feeling almost human again. I must thank Mary and Carie for the humorous and thoughtful comments they left on my last post. It helped enormously, thanks girls. I must also apologise to Mary, for the bizarre phone call when I'd just heard a phone ring and did the old 1471 routine. A) I was fast asleep when it happened and B) I was probably (who am I kidding!) just a little bit drunk, having been out for a rather boozy lunch with friends. What can I say, guilty as charged me lord :) I did find out that it was the other line that had rung, sorted it out and went to bed properly for a couple of hours, rather than falling asleep on the sofa. No excuses, its just been a tough week.

Hubby and I wandered over to Warwick today, we looked in both wool shops. One was piled high, one was piled not so high, but made to look rather pretty. So I had a quick look around then hubby dragged me off to the antique shops.

We wandered around the antique shops, but the best part of the day were the firework displays. We snook into hubby's office which has a huge private balcony (you could seat forty people on it) overlooking Warwick racecourse. There we had a spectacular view of the racecourse firework display and also several others in the vicinity, it was wonderful.

The other news is, the Cobblestone jumper has been restarted. We had to count the stitches four times before we were convinced we had the right number. Hopefully, I will have got it about right this time, although, I might have to ask Rachel (she who knows mathematics so much more than I) just to check, :)