Sunday, 3 February 2013

Of haircuts and cakes.

My beautiful 1st born son told me that he was going to have his head shaved.  
So I asked if I could come with him, which he said I could, but was told that I was not to cry. 
I hadn't felt tearful, more curious. 
I kept a lock of his hair to put next to his first curls in his baby book, after all he may never grow his hair again. 
And there was much banter. (as you might imagine) 
We laughed so much.
And he went from this,  
to this.  I think he looks gorgeous (but I may be a tad bias)
"Mother and Son"
Did I mention that things are getting really lively at Wool Warehouse since the Drops order has arrived, or should I say started to arrive as more and more is coming in every few days - keep your eyes peeled on the web site, February is going to be Sockalicious!

So to celebrate the most recent arrival of Drops which had some really stunning yarn in, I made more cake - lemon drizzle -  and to keep the party theme going, Paula our lovely Saturday morning crocheter made buttery shortbread, which was truly delicious.  From the buzzy chatter and laughter I think our Saturday morning girls loved every moment of their mini party - and they loved the Drops even more!

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Carie said...

Wow what a difference a haircut makes! I wouldn't have recognised him but it suits him; I'm glad you saved a curl for posterity though.