Monday, 1 July 2013

Shocking behaviour!

I went to see my mother recently and popped to her loo, as you do, 

and found THIS
I am sure I audibly gasped.

You might remember them as this, socks for Dad in
Wollmeise 100% Merino in colourway Zenzi.  

After I had gotten over the shock of many hours work and gorgeous wool being used to dust her floors, I could see the sense in it.  And although I am tempted to appear with the end of the ball of wool and a wooden mushroom complete with tapestry needle to allow Dad to practise his skills at darning, which is why they are no longer in the sock draw.  I have decided mum should enjoy her polishing with the grooviest  duster you ever will find. 


Lisa-Lola said...

Ha ha that made me laugh!!!

amelia said...

That it just too funny!! Very ingenious mother you have. Waste not, want not!